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TrakLite® Integrated Lighting


We engineered the Bullard TrakLite® to allow firefighters to safely see dark and smoky conditions.

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Features & Benefits

PX ReTrak TrakLite

Eight bright white LEDs

Protected behind a heat-resistant glass

Bright blue “buddy indicator” light

On the rear of the helmet

Easy on/off operation

No external clips, brackets or wires

Four AAA alkaline batteries

Long battery life

Available on all Bullard structural fire helmets

UST, FX, PX and LT

Product Details

Bullard TrakLite® Integrated Lighting System

The lightweight Bullard TrakLite® integrated helmet lighting system is designed to help increase the functional performance of your fire helmet without bulky or cumbersome additions.

PX ReTrak TrakLite

Featuring eight bright white LEDs protected behind a heat-resistant glass, TrakLite® provides a light source for most any situation. TheTrakLite® is optimal for night search and rescue, smoky conditions, or whenever you need light. The TrakLite® offers a bright blue “buddy indicator” light on the rear of the helmet to help track the wearer in low visibility situations.

Safety First:
The TrakLite® mount directly to the helmet, reducing the risk of weight imbalance or helmet-snag. The TrakLite®  has equal weight distribution between the front and rear of the helmet. The TrakLite® works exclusively with Bullard helmets, meeting the  NFPA 1971-2013 requirements.

The TrakLite®  is completely waterproof and is certified for use in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations for TrakLite®  units ordered after April 11, 2013.

Easy Operation:
The TrakLite can be operated with one gloved-hand. The single rotary switch powers  the front LEDs and the rear buddy indicator lights. The TrakLite®  has a runtime of six continuous hours using four standard AAA alkaline batteries.

Available for Various Helmets:
TrakLite®  is available on all Bullard structural fire helmet platforms, including: UST, FX, PX and LT. TrakLite®  can be used with or without a leather front attached. All leather fronts are purchased separately. TrakLite®  may be retrofitted to work with several models of Bullard helmets currently in service. Contact Bullard for more information on retrofit options.

Traklite 2

Now TrakLite®  is even more versatile:
We redesigned our UST and USTM fire helmets to accommodate 6″ Leather Fronts with Bullard’s innovative TrakLite®  integrated helmet lighting solution.

NOTE: TrakLite®  with 6″ leather front is available only for UST and USTM helmets manufactured after 12/1/2011.


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