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In this educational webinar, you will learn about current ANSI/ISEA standard for head protection, the difference between ANSI/ISEA and EN12492 side impact and understanding labeling and what your hard hat meets in terms of certification. Subject matter experts will outline best practices for head protection and how to keep your people safe, while teaching you when and how to choose the right products for your application, depending on jobsite demands. You will take away the following:

  • Understanding of head protection
  • How to choose the best head protection based on job
  • How European standards have emerged in the US market creating some confusion around side impact
  • Understanding different types and classes
  • How to tell exactly what your head protection meets in terms of standards and whether it is certified or meets a standard
  • Useful life of hard hat/replace parts schedule/additions such as face protection etc.

For more information contact our Health & Safety Professional, Damir Karapandzic via email: or via phone: 859-569-5005